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"LIFE FORCE, The Scientific Basis:" Highly Recommended

by, Dr. Claude Swanson, PhD.
Available at Amazon.com

Dr. Swanson's sharing on inspiration before science plus CEO's comments below

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Science, Energy Fields, & Healing on Coast to Coast Radio
Date: 5-19-10
Host: George Noory
Guest: Dr. Claude Swanson

Physicist Claude Swanson discussed his scientific research into such areas as energy medicine and healing, auras, consciousness, and the paranormal. The Princeton Pear Lab has demonstrated that psychokinesis (mind over matter) is indeed real, as well as ESP and remote viewing, he noted. Studies in Germany have shown that DNA creates and receives biophotons, little packets of light that pass through the body. This light creates a hologram or blueprint for how the body is supposed to be growing, he explained.

The torsion field, a Russian name for subtle energy, is what makes up a person's aura, he continued, adding that energy healers are able to interact with a patient's torsion field. The waves from such a field can travel faster than light, possibly explaining how such practitioners can heal from a remote distance. Swanson also investigated the John of God "spiritist" healings in Brazil. John of God allows "31 different departed priests, monks, doctors...to takeover his body during the healing," he detailed.

Swanson also talked about dowsing, which he discovered can successfully be done without the dowser being present at the physical location. It's really a psychic process, he said, with intuitions coming through muscle tension that is amplified by the pendulum or instrument they use. Interestingly, he suggested that ley lines may have been built by ancient societies as a way to carry subtle energies through the ground, which they considered an important part of life.

“Why did the US Government, the CIA and The Patent Office try to cover up all the great work of Tesla?  Was he the greatest genius of all time?”

Each of the four parts is approximately 12 minutes long.

Nikola Tesla: The Missing Secrets (part 1 of 4)

Nikola Tesla: The Missing Secrets (part 2 of 4)

Nikola Tesla: The Missing Secrets (part 3 of 4)

Nikola Tesla: The Missing Secrets (part 4 of 4)

The following is an exceptionally short sampling of some of the many excellent books and publications available for lay persons to improve their understanding of subtle energies.

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    1. Tesla Power in your Backyard

    2. TESLA's Flying Machine, etc.

    3. Man Ahead Of His Time: TESLA's Flying Machine

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